Body Extensions

Body extensions and wearable instruments are a recurring motif in my work, spanning from the first body extension work in 2012, Kullani, to the latest works; Pink Muscle, The New Body and MISS. Often the finalized instruments become part of a larger performance work, but these objects also stand alone as independent works. Hence they are part of my ongoing research on body extensions and wearable instruments. I am interested in adding new qualities to the human body, often by designing wearable music instruments that produce electronic sound. The use of these instruments introduces the notions of cyborg politics and biopolitics into the work, questioning distinctions such as those between natural and artificial, mind and body, self-developing and externally designed. The extensions create bodily proposals outside conventional norms, commenting on the mechanisms that manage human life processes and authorities over knowledge, power, and subjectification.

Kullani i Ri 2012
A body extension inspired by Kullani; a transportation tool integrated in the folk costumes of women from the Hasi region, Kosovo

The New Body 2018
Astrit wearing a full body sensory music instrument. Sound activated from physical movement

Pink Muscle 2019
Magdalena Mitterhofer wearing a glockenspiele whose sound is altered using sensor technology

MISS 2019
Ivan Cheng wearing The First Flower headpiece. The stick grows two meters using robotic programming technologies