Emo Girl

‘Emo Girl’ is an emotional deconstructed pop musical composed and directed by me. The performance is inspired by the 2000s Emo-Goth/Rock subculture movements that are generally associated with youth who are dispirited and angry at society, people or themselves. Performing dark emotions through music, lifestyle and fashion often creates a distance, which helps to regenerate and heal from pain. Embodying femme, queer and non-binary identities, ‘Emo Girl’ brings other agencies and adds new qualities to the exsisting emo aesthetics and subculture. ‘Emo Girl’ presents a community of performers who work through complex emotions together. On the other hand, the project showcases an obsession with stardom which is seen as a path to self-fulfillment and validation. The lyrical content of ‘Emo Girl’ takes on the language of a manifesto that proposes vulnerability and emotion as powerful.