‘Nemesis’ is structured around 7 songs that I composed. Through singing, I explore different qualities of the voice while referencing and re-interpreting rituals, gestures and games like ‘Kange me Tepsi’ (traditional Albanian tray songs), ‘the knife game’ (referencing Marina Abramovic’s Rhythm 10) and ‘carrying a glass on the head’ (a Balkan body balance dance practice). Using pop star poetics, the performance unfolds a non-linear narrative that touches upon subjects of borders, sexuality and race. The starting point of the work was motivated by my frustrations with the legal procedures of immigration in The Netherlands. In each stage of the performance, the body is confronted with maintaining precarious states (keeping the tray spinning and the glass balanced), questions about ethics of (self-)harm (the knife game), and rupturing the space of intimacy between the performer and the audience.