The New Body

The New Body consists of a live work, a wearable music instrument that I designed and a hologram installation. Inspired by DNA editing technologies, I envisioned a new body silhouette that resembles the bioluminescent creatures that glow in deep seas. Movement sensors translate every gesture of my body into sound. These soundscapes are edited from original recordings of a female voice with which I harmonise with my own voice. Both voices are intentionally sung in Albanian. This choice explores notions of otherness and alienation, but also invites the viewer to connect emotionally rather than through language. The New Body expresses a desire to relieve the body from its histories, patterns, shapes and humanness. Besides live presentations, a video of the performance is presented as a hologram installation in an exhibition setting. The shift from live to avatar performatives is a way of relating to human bodies outside the temporal and spatial confines of performance.