Unikat presents three very strong symbolic figures/alter egos; ‘the pregnant boy’, ‘the nymph’ and ‘the seahorse’, enveloping the audience in a truly magical sound scape. Astrit Ismaili uses their skills in sound technology and the unique dimensions of their voice to engage the audience in an otherworldly realm, a quaint dream world, mixing showbiz with sci-fi, as artificial as it is enticing. The decision to take the audience on a journey of discovery through an open performance space reinforces the oceanic feeling of the whole event. Together these elements convey a strong sense of ‘becoming’, inviting the audience to dream along and postpone a desire to fix what the audience is part of in interpretation. Astrit deals with gender identity and social norms in a lateral way, creating critical fairy tales in which the subjects rise from personal into the unknown, from reality into fiction.